Tarallificio Recchia is a great company with huge experience and different production lines that allow the production of goods with many brands and packagings. Our philosophy is to be in the market through the multiple advantages that each product represents and highlights.

We produce bakery goods following the authentic Apulian tradition. That’s why our taralli DO NOT CONTAIN ANY ADDED YEAST; we knead the finest ingredients without any fermentation process. This gives a high natural and tolerance to all of our products. The production phases are monitored by skilled masters of the baking art and we use innovative technologies respecting the standards set by the European Union. Products are protected in their packaging which keeps intact the long crisp freshness and fragrance.


    During our process we DO NOT USE YEAST for our bagel dough. As a result, our baked goods are highly digestible and remind the flavors of ancient times of hand-made taralli. The flour is mixed with white wine, olive oil and salt, until the dough becomes elastic. Taralli are then prepared by forming little bagels with the mixture that is finger-shaped and after that they are SIMPLY boiled and baked for about 25 minutes, until they get their typical golden color. Finally, taralli are packaged within a day from their preparation in order to keep the fragrance and freshness of the baked product.



    The handcraft process of FRISELLE consists in letting the dough slowly ferment: It is a mix of flour, water and yeast with a small addition of beer yeast. Once the dough is leavened, small donuts are formed and put in the oven for a first baking. Then, donuts are cut in the form of friselle and put in the oven to finish the baking process. Finally, products are cooled and packaged so that they maintain freshness and quality for a long time. A careful analysis and thorough checks at every stage of production is lead (from mixing through baking to packaging) using innovative technologies in full compliance with the standards set by the European Union. Controls are set to ensure high quality standards and authenticity of bakery goods.

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