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spiced, wholemeal and multigrain taralli, but also homemade and wholemeal friselle.
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    • traditional-taralli
      Homemade taralli
      The authenticity of the typical Apulian recipe, with the ingredients of our land. The traditional taralli par excellence are these homemade Taralli...
      €15.00 Price
    • friselle-and-friselline
      Wholemeal friselle
      The evolution of the more traditional friselle, made with wholemeal flour. A product with more flavour, more fibre and more nutrients. Ideal to be...
      €10.80 Price

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    • Taste Mix
      • New
      1 Review(s)
      Taste Mix
      Taralli are always offered as a sign of hospitality and openness in Apulia. Not tasting taralli in Apulia is a true transgression: try the Taste...
      €20.00 Price
      Sweet tarallini
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      1 Review(s)
      Sweet tarallini
      For those who, after savoury tarallini, also want the sweet side of Apulia. Our traditional tarallini with some sweetness, becoming perfect for...
      €12.00 Price

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The Apulian People Know

We are in Apulia. One of the most important values of our land is defending and enhancing its food and wine culture and local traditions. We preserve simplicity, origins, authenticity in everything we do: the Apulians know how it’s done. We know how to be welcoming and humorous, fun and hospitable. But also tremendously serious when it comes to our roots.

We have exported some of our most beautiful images, some of our best products, some of our most ancient knowledge all over Italy and throughout the world. The trulli of Alberobello, the farms, the art of peasant men and women, our oil, wine, orecchiette. Our taralli and friselle.

From the roots of our region to the cuisines and tables of Italy. Without losing our identity.
We love being natural, just as we are. We love to be genuine.

Taralli and friselle are not finger food snacks. They’re parts of Apulia. They are Apulia.

The Tarallificio Apulia

Charter of Values for Perfect Apulian Taralli

Like the Apulia of Yesteryear
We have been putting our heart and experience into making perfect taralli - Apulian taralli - the real taralli, for 20 years.
Typicality and Specificity
Taralli and friselle - we focus on the simplicity of these products so you can enjoy a real Apulian taste experience.

We Help You Choose
An Apulian is always glad to help you choose the best taralli and friselle. Because the people of Apulia know how it’s done.
Flour, Olive Oil and Wine in The Right Amounts
Taralli have simple ingredients: flour, extra-virgin olive oil and white wine. Their quality makes all the difference. Striving for excellence in supplier selection is also a top priority.
Traditional Recipe
Although we have specially evolved technologies available, our taralli maestros control every step of the process to ensure the total respect of authenticity.
No Added Yeast
We prepare doughs that guarantee taste and highly digestible products.

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